Technology... Inspiring or exhausting? :)

Good morning! (It's 2:12 am est)
Yes, I should be fast asleep, but I've been working hard to get this new 3 column look so that we could see comments as they come in right on the front page (at least a teaser of the comment). There's one error yet (which I won't point out in case you haven't noticed it already!)--- but I'm satisfied that I accomplished the goal. Also, check out the RSS feed- to the left- if you like to keep up with posts, you can receive them via the feed. You can also get comments the same way with the second button. Ok, my thirty-something mommy brain is ready to turn in (6:30am will come SO quickly). Thank you for keeping up with the inspirations I find in life- and a SPECIAL thanks to those of you who interact with me here!!! :) :) :) You know who you are! And remember- you can comment without registering now- so- it's so much easier than it was in the beginning! :)
Sweet dreams...

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Dawn said...

Happy 4th of July,
To answer your question is technology inspiring or exhausting -- I think it can be both. It is one of those things that can be really beneficial for expediting processes but it can also take time away from the things we really should be doing. I have to be really careful with the computer that it does not take up to much of my time or become another ploy of Satan to take me away from God's word or from my other duties. Often I end up staying up too late and then I am dragging during the day and have a short temper with my kids and husband.
I hope your summer is going well. Ours is going way to fast here but we are having loads of fun.
God's Blessing to you and the family.

Love, Dawn