Great Deal!!!

Hi there :)
Don't know if anyone reading has any interest in doing a chronological read through the Bible or not, but there is a great deal at today (through Friday?) on "The NKJV Chronological Study Bible". If you like history- you will love this Bible. I read through the Bible in this way- where you read it putting the texts in the order they actually happened, so you're reading the prophets alongside the historical book and people they were prophesying to in the situations to which they were speaking. It was HUGELY enlightening to me and really helped me to have a much better grasp of the history of God's people and how it all fits together. I would never switch to having this be my main Bible that I take to church, etc.- because it would be very difficult to find verses you were looking for, but, it's a great one to keep on your desk and read every day in your quiet time. So- just thought I'd share. It's 57% off right now- about the same price as you can buy the hard cover for on Amazon. And the little bit nicer leather one is not much more. ENJOY, LEARN, GROW!!! :)

Mourning to Joy

Well, by now, most of you know that our precious puppy, Barnabas, had Parvo, unbeknownst to us and the woman at the rescue. Though hospitalized for 2 1/2 days, he passed away just 7 days after we brought him home. It was a very hard week for us. The Lord is so good however, and lets nothing go to waste. It was a time of growth, despite the pain. We worked as a family through what we know to be true about the Lord, His goodness, and this fallen world. And, though life does not always have a happy ending, He has been gracious and turned our mourning into dancing as Psalm 30:11 says! Though we had not planned on looking for another pup until mid-June after we return from a trip to Texas, we have already been given another sweetie. We won't officially bring him to our house until after the trip (and until he's had time for another shot and to build up some immunity to the Parvo virus that Barnabas had), but we are visiting him regularly and ENJOYING him!!! Here is his birth announcement.

Kids Bored?

Here's an idea...

We have friends over. The kids decided to go puddle jumping and got all wet. Naturally, they wanted to come inside to play the Wii. Not happening! :) You chose to get soaking wet, you can stay outside and dry off!!! But, being the oh so very sympathetic mother that I am (ha ha ha!) I thought I'd best help them to find something to do. Hence, the backyard scavenger hunt I found online. I rounded up some paper bags, wrote their names on them, sharpened some pencils, and copied the page for them. Some suckers in the pantry will do for prizes... ready, set, hunt!!!

Hoping in a moment of needing to keep the kids entertained OUTSIDE this may be helpful to someone,