Great Deal!!!

Hi there :)
Don't know if anyone reading has any interest in doing a chronological read through the Bible or not, but there is a great deal at today (through Friday?) on "The NKJV Chronological Study Bible". If you like history- you will love this Bible. I read through the Bible in this way- where you read it putting the texts in the order they actually happened, so you're reading the prophets alongside the historical book and people they were prophesying to in the situations to which they were speaking. It was HUGELY enlightening to me and really helped me to have a much better grasp of the history of God's people and how it all fits together. I would never switch to having this be my main Bible that I take to church, etc.- because it would be very difficult to find verses you were looking for, but, it's a great one to keep on your desk and read every day in your quiet time. So- just thought I'd share. It's 57% off right now- about the same price as you can buy the hard cover for on Amazon. And the little bit nicer leather one is not much more. ENJOY, LEARN, GROW!!! :)

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