Clarify your calling...

Hello out there-
I'm sorry I've been so lax lately- lots of great company and traveling! Amidst it all, during my coaching sessions, I've been clarifying my calling. My calling is to our home as wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and pastor's wife and also to discipleship, first discipling our children, next looking at discipleship at the church and how it can improve.

What are your callings? Does your calendar reflect your callings? I'm learning to see that if my reality doesn't match my philosophy, then one has to change. If I say my calling is to the home but I spend all my time at home working on outside projects then I either need to be realistic and honest that my calling and priority is the outside poject (volunteering, whatever, you fill in the blank) or pare down my commitments so that I really am spending my time focusing on my home.

So, as we clarify our callings, let's use that mission statement (unofficial though it may be) to say NO to things that though they are GREAT things in and of themselves, will rob us of the joy of fulfilling the hope of our calling- and doing it WELL!!!

Blessings as you spend a quiet hour alone in the car with an ice cream cone praying about your calling and what commitments this fall will actually help you fulfill it! I will pray that you and I will hear the voice of the One doing the calling, not the one with all the excuses and justifications... but who else will do it? but what if that program doesn't happen? but, but, but... But, we'll never have this time back with our families. Someday, they will be grown and gone and we can volunteer ALL our time away...