Life Takes Time

I am recognizing, that doing things in life well, doing them right, takes soooo much more time than I ever have realized or allowed. So much more time than I give myself permission to take. I'm talking parenting, spiritual life, marriage, keeping house, etc. With that realization, comes rushing in the thought that if I want to give myself permission to do my callings in this season of my life, I will have to clear out a LOT more space in the calendar so I can fill it up doing what I'm supposed to be doing WELL. Which takes a lot more time than I realized. If I want to do it right.

I guess life will have to go on, if I don't ___________________. I guess somehow they'll manage if I don't _______________. (Could you fill in these blanks?) Yes, it's a good idea. Yes, it's a good thing. Yes, it could be done. And, yes, it would be SO COOL if it were done. And, perhaps it would be really appreciated by the recipients. (Perhaps not?) But, could life continue to function if it was not done? If it wasn't done that way? Wasn't done that well? Probably. I may have to learn to smile and nod and put a cork in it everytime I have a GREAT idea... Those ideas have been getting me INTO trouble- and out of doing WELL a lot of things that really DO need doing. I digress.

Can anyone relate to what I'm saying or have I exited the highway here?

Be ministered to...

In response to John 13 where Jesus washes His disciple's feet, Beth Moore asks in the Bible study, A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place,

"How do you let Christ minister to you?"

I thought this an interesting question, and I'd like to hear how YOU would answer that question.

These are a few pics from the summer thus far! They include a shot of the kids at the Creation Museum in Cincinnati, Hot Springs, AR, time in Texas at my cousin Sabrina's graduation, Spring Creek Farm in Richardson, and some other random trip pics, Josiah's preschool graduation, Father's Day, and last day of gymnastics! We are finishing a wonderful week with Ryan's parents and brother and heading into VBS and swimming lessons followed by a short camping trip--- so, there'll have to be an update soon! Praying that your summer is full of SONshine and blessings,