Where are you at, friends?

Dearest friends,
Where are you at in your walk with the Lord? Are you on a flat, boring plateau? Worse, down in a high-walled canyon? Are you in a fertile, arid place? Are you climbing a high mountain towards a glorious view? Or are you wandering in a desert, praying for an oasis?

I climbed a mountain (spiritually speaking) to get to the opportunity to help Ryan teach about women's role in God's Kingdom in church two weeks in a row. Then, I slowly succumbed to a horrible bronchial virus. :( YUCK! I am now steadily emerging from the bed and re-entering and re-engaging my life. :) The kids must really be pleased with this!!! lol! But I am reminded, that after any major spiritual mountain, the valley usually follows. Is that because I am so focused and disciplined before hand- knowing how I MUST depend on Him- for in me is no good thing? Or, is it because of the "let-down" of sorts that invariably follows any exciting thing? Real life just can't compete. I don't know why it is- but it seems to be a pretty predictable pattern for me. Now if I could just learn to anticipate it and ease its effects. If I could remember how this works, I would be extra diligent in my quiet times on the days following such a high. I would make a poster to hang to remind myself that I must press through the onslaught!

Eventually the Lord gives me a new motivation... this week it is praying for some friends in difficult health situations- one a pregnancy with potential genetic defects (we reject that in Jesus' Name and declare the baby HEALTHY!) and two others with cancer and another with an auto-immune something or other in the process of being diagnosed.

What is your motivation? (Perhaps you don't need one! That's GREAT!) I find, that something outside myself- like my children, or friends, is better motivation than "I should". The truth of course, is, I can't LIVE without HIM!!!! :) Why do I need a reason to seek? I don't know- I'm just the kind of person that is motivated by purpose.

So, I don't know where you're at- but- if you're on a plateau, or down in a valley, or wandering in a desert- perhaps you need to ask the Lord for purpose. What does the Lord have for you right now? He has something, to be sure! And everything He is doing is working for your good- no matter what it looks like right now.

Lord bless you with renewed purpose and calling--- start climbing!

Teaching on Women in God's Kingdom

Hello my dear friends!
I just wanted to let you know that Ryan & I taught this week and last in church about women and their unique role in God's Kingdom. They have been posted on Trinity's sermon archive. or you can get there by clicking "Sermons" on the church's main webpage! The message's are from 2/8/09 and 2/15/09.

As you listen- please pray for the women who heard the messages in church. There were of course, such a wide variety of women there- with many different life experiences and current situations- abuse, husbands who've abandoned or just shut them out emotionally, alcoholic husbands, unloving fathers, etc. Please join me in praying that God will touch them with only what will be helpful to them and let the rest go. I desire for this to be a message that blesses- not burdens. Thank you for praying with me--- and please comment back on THIS blog if you have thoughts, questions, comments...
Blessings to you all-