Teaching on Women in God's Kingdom

Hello my dear friends!
I just wanted to let you know that Ryan & I taught this week and last in church about women and their unique role in God's Kingdom. They have been posted on Trinity's sermon archive. or you can get there by clicking "Sermons" on the church's main webpage! The message's are from 2/8/09 and 2/15/09.

As you listen- please pray for the women who heard the messages in church. There were of course, such a wide variety of women there- with many different life experiences and current situations- abuse, husbands who've abandoned or just shut them out emotionally, alcoholic husbands, unloving fathers, etc. Please join me in praying that God will touch them with only what will be helpful to them and let the rest go. I desire for this to be a message that blesses- not burdens. Thank you for praying with me--- and please comment back on THIS blog if you have thoughts, questions, comments...
Blessings to you all-


Dawn said...

Hi dear friend,
I watched the video tonight of your sermon with Ryan. You both did a really good job. I will pray that your message touches many women in your congregation and also many women that see the video. I'm going to send this link to all of my friends to watch. God is speaking through both of you. Thank you for being obedient to that calling. I love you, sweetie. Have a great night.

Heidi Lou said...

Hi Kate! How cool it was to see you and Ry doing ministry together. :) Praise God for bringing you both together for this amazing adventure! Great talk (I listened to the first sermon only...the next one hopefully later this week.) You were eloquent... and I loved hearing the Hebrew word-study teaching. How awesome that "helper" is only used to describe God...and in that rescuing sense. Also, I enjoyed your words about being receptive and life giving...receiving and walking out. God has great plans for you and the way He's gifted you to teach and share with women. He has wonderful truth to share through you... I can hardly wait to see it and hugs, heidi