Easy, healthy breakfasts...

What do you serve your kids when you need a relatively fast, healthy breakfast!?!?! We're in a cold cereal rut- which we got into from too much oatmeal I think. Let me know what you do! :)

No more Library Late Fees

I just found the coolest website! If you are like me and wish you could pay one low monthly rate to the library, or better yet, have a netflix-like subscription with no late fees- ever!- then you need to check out Library Elf! If will manage all your family's library cards, alert you before they're due, when holds are available, etc.! Yeah!!! And, it will email you or text your cell as well. This is great stuff! Check it out!!
Have a late-fee-free day!

Life Skills

Hello out there!
I am reviewing the idea of lifeskills today. I personally am short on many of them (my own fault!) and consequently, I forsee that my children will struggle with them, too. So, after searching the internet and reading in a few books, I've begun compiling a list, which eventually will be exhaustive but isn't yet, of lifeskills I want my children to achieve and integrate into their everyday lives. Feel free to copy the list and update- but when you hit spots I've totally missed, be sure to send them to me! And, may I recommend Life Skills for Kids by Christine M. Field? It is really the only and most excellent book on the topic! Some books by Kathy Peel also have good age-appropriate chore lists, as Christine Field does. Here it is... (it is overwhelming but the idea is the check them off as they are learned and become integrated into life without having to do stickers, reminders, etc.)...

Life Skills List

Daily Self Care
Dress Self
Pajamas put away
Spread up blanket
Make bed neatly
Brush Teeth
Go Potty
Make simple breakfast: cereal, bagel, yogurt
Make hot breakfast:
Start schoolwork by self, following checklist (pictures or words)
Clean up as you go (don’t move on until the last is picked up)
Layout matching clothes for tomorrow
Deal with today’s clothes- dirty? Hamper. Re-wearable? Fold and put away.
Shoes in the shoe hanger.
Pick up room

Match Socks
Fold washcloths, towels
Sort laundry: lights, darks, reds
Put own clean laundry neatly away
Fold clothes and sort into correct tubs
Wash clothes running the washer and the dryer independently
Hang shirts on hangers and put away in right closet
Dirty clothing always goes in hamper
Not dirty clothes, get folded and go back in the drawer
Toys and stuffed animals picked up and in proper place
Books neatly on shelves
Trash in trashcan
Make bed
Strip sheets off bed
Remake bed independently
Carry Dishes to sink: scrape into trash and put in sink
Wash plastic dishes
Wash breakables
Wash pots, pans, casseroles
Put clean dishes away
Set the table according to form
Prepare simple meals not requiring cooking
Knife safety starting with butter knife
Learn safe use of appliances: microwave, oven, stove, food processor, blender
Assist with healthy, balanced menu planning
Assist with grocery shopping
Prepare full meals for family
Collect trash and replace trashcan liners
Take trash out to garbage cans
Take garbage cans to dumpster
Declutter surfaces
Dust surfaces
Vacuum carpet/rugs
Hang own towel after bath
Take dirty clothes to hamper
Wash mirror
Sweep floor/Mop
Clean tub
Countertop, sink

Health and Hygiene
Blow nose and throw tissue away
Potty, flush, and wipe independently
Brush teeth
Floss teeth
Wash body in tub
Run water to correct temperature, fill tub, and turn water off
Wash and rinse own hair
Trim finger and toe nails

Keep divided piggy bank: tithe (10%), save (40%), spend (50%)
Use piggy bank for allowances, monetary gifts, and extra money earned
Remember to bring tithe to church
Track money in and out in small 3 subject notebook
Have own checking account
Have credit card for emergencies

Time & Life Management
Learn own address and phone
Learn phone manners
Learn to take a message
Responsible calling
Get ready the night before (pack snack, lay out clothes, assemble bag or gear)
Read CalendarUse calendar to anticipate and prepare for activities

Best Spent Money

Can I just say that the best money I spent this Christmas was for a set of CD's which I was going to put in the kids stockings which didn't even arrive before Christmas? Despite that, they are the BEST gift. Serious eternal value. Here's the link: Check it out! There are 7 CD's I think- and they are just GREAT! The music is good and very catchy, it's a story with the Scripture interwoven, and the kids love it! Forget the toys- I'll stick with unbreakable, no replaceable batteries, storing up treasures in heaven gift- Scripture songs with GT and the Halo Express! :) (And no, they didn't pay me to give this little infomercial- maybe I should ask!)