Back From Texas

Hi friends!

We are back from 8 days in Texas. We had a FABULOUS time catching up with my family there. We went to Dinosaur Valley State Park and the Creation Evidence Museum nearby. We spent a day at my uncle and aunt's new lakehouse and another day with the other side of the family over for brisket(BBQ), 4-part a capella hymns around the piano, and frisbee. Needless to say, a good-time was had by all! We also had the pleasure of going out to a Brazilian Steakhouse with our dear friends- it was QUITE the dining experience. Seriously not for the faint of stomach (or Vegetarian/Vegan- though the salad bar was unparalleled in my life experience thus far).

Now that we're back... Living Beyond Yourself (the next women's Bible study at church) has begun and I have a MILE-LONG list of projects for summer- 3 of which involve writing or organizing curriculum for next year.

Updates- Mary Elizabeth is doing well and is continuing to see some swelling reduction- praise God! So, I'll try to bug them for a photo. Kristen looks good- had a good FL vacation. Didn't specifically "feel" anything at the Revival- but as it isn't about feeling anything, just about what God wants to do, so continue to pray for God's veiled work there. I have another friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer- name is Allison- she is also our age and mom of 3 athletic boys. The wife of another friend of Ryan's, Mandy, is doing chemo for leukemia, also our age- so, I don't know what's up- but we need to get ANGRY at cancer and cast this stuff OUT!!!

May I just say that I am feeling INSPIRED?!?! I hope you are too. I had a productive day today and that helps. As you shift gears into summer, what is inspiring you? What are you looking forward to? How are you making your dreams reality?

Off to do some Bible study (which makes some of my dreams reality!),


p.s.- in a previous post I told you about Mvelopes- an online budgeting program. It's still very cool, and my first choice, however, they are having a hard time getting through my very small town bank's security. So, if you're looking for something simpler- as I will be doing if they don't fix it SOON- check out

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