How Do You Recharge? and school blog-

The previous post was really from last night- but I didn't get it posted. SO- some thoughts from today...

I went to the Walden Diner tonight to do some preparation for summer. From time to time I do this- take my bag full of books, notebooks, whatever- and go to the ice cream stand, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, etc. and spend a little time reviewing my goals and setting some new ones. I need to get things out of my head and concrete on a page.

What do YOU do to refocus or recharge and keep yourself inspired??? Or do you have "me" time in another way?

Have a blessed, renewed, inspired evening!

PS- read a great blog on education called "A One-Room Schoolhouse for the 21st Century"


Anonymous said...

Recharge--seems like I'm always looking for ways to recharge!! I have many ways but quiet time in God's Word is by far the best way!! Since you already have outlined plans on paper, do you have any great ideas or suggestions on how to keep the kids inspired during the summer? I remember you did theme weeks last year, did that have a great response? What are some things you are doing this year?
Hoping to get motivated to be inspired--Shanna

Katherine said...

Unfortunately, what I have outlined on paper is not how to keep the kids going... it's how to get everything accomplished that I need/want to accomplish over the summer! :) I'm getting all my curriculum for next year, digital scrapbooking of the trip we just took, planning the 2 classes I'm teaching next year in homeschool co-op, aomng OTHER things! However, I DO plan to use theme weeks again this year. It worked SO well last year- we didn't do it every week, but several weeks. Also, I am putting all their toys on shelves in the basement and just making a list of choices. So, one morning will be leappad morning and we'll get out the leappads and let them use those- in rooms ( or make a tent with a table in the LR or whatever) then before lunch, that gets put away, etc. We'll see how long/well this actually works. :) I did get all my homeschool paperwork done this am, so if I can just find babysitters for Bible study tomorrow... :)

Heidi L said...

Hi Shanna and Kate! I recharge similarly to Kate...going out by myself with a book of bags, a journal, a planning notebook, etc. and reading/writing/planning for a few hours. I haven't done it in quite a few months (which might be why I'm so frazzled right now!!)

Also, a great talk with a friend (social therapy), an hour to shop ebay (retail therapy) or a glass of red wine and my favorite cheese (caloric therapy) can make all the difference in my energy level the next day.

Regarding the summer... love the idea of a list of ideas and the toys all in bins/shelves in the basement. Gonna do that! Wanted to though our there a "garage sale" day. We've been shopping a lot of garage sales this summer for some specific things. The kids have loved it. A $1 bill goes a long way (they each get one) and they feel a part of the action. Also, we have a library day (they each get a video or 2 as well as books). We have movie afternoons (usually just for me to get stuff done since we are outside all the laundry, cooking or cleaning go on when we play outside. :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts ladies! Wish we could all meet at the park for a picnic by the river. :) But with the miles, this blog will have to do.
hugs, heidi