Immaculee was INSPIRING

Since this blog is all about living the "inspired" life... I must quickly write about hearing Immaculee speak tonight. What a powerful, powerful testimony. So honest and real, and so focused on God. Her book is "Left to Tell". I would highly recommend reading it. It was a NY Times bestseller, so I'm sure it's in the libraries. (And if you want to buy it proceeds go to her foundation which helps orphanges and others in Rwanda). The church that sponsored the event had a bathroom built to the same dimensions as the one she hid in- and to stand there and look at it- was so real. Any personal pity party around here has been chased away for awhile. God really can do ANYTHING! Check out her testimony! Blessings! Be inspired! Life is worth living- and it's worth living inspired,
Good night.

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Heidi L said...

True, true!! I read the book last summer from the library. Amazing and life changing. It truly brought me out of a pity party and sustained my perspective of reality, encouraged forgiveness in my life and strengthened me to press on for months! God is a miracle worker...only He could bring good out of such a horrible, devastating situation.