Inspired by working ahead...

I've been working for a few days on a Christmas postcard and some grandparent gifts. Inspired by a 35% off coupon available at Snapfish through Oct 31st I decided to get a few calendars and small brag books done! (If you do this- don't forget to enter "FALL35" as the coupon code before you finish checking out!) I have just submitted my order and it feels good to know that if I get nothing else done- the grandparents will at least receive these small gifts for Christmas! :) Also, I'm using Vistaprint to print a Christmas postcard which I plan to mail the Monday before Thanksgiving so that as the holidays arrive- that card is already done!!! I used some pictures in the leaves to make the card and am using a "Thanksgiving" theme. (The postcard lets me use postcard stamps to save a little on postage- and the kids can make an assembly line to put address stickers and stamps on them. Elminates a lot of the work for ME!) Since I'm doing all this right before the trip- we'll be able to pack light because we won't have any clean or folded laundry to pack and bring with us! lol! So, get inspired, get something done ahead of time now- and make a little more time for cookie baking, snow angel making, and storytelling when December rolls around!

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Susan said...

I was just coming on here to ask you where you get the postcards done! I never thought of snapfish. I figured you had another source. Hope you don't mind that I might copy your idea this year. I like the postcard stamp price! This year we are using our fridge to put up all the photos we get over the holidays. We use to pull out a card and pray for that family for a few days, pick another one and so one throughout the year. We are going to restart that tradition this year.
Miss ya!!!! hugs, susan