Inspired by Faith Sisters "Faith-booking"

If you are a scrapbooker- you need to check out this blog! :) Faith Sisters encourages scrapbookers to scrapbook and pass on their faith- AND their are some really GREAT layouts! As long as we're talking scrapbooking- if you do digital scrapbooking- check out Misty Cato Designs, too. The only thing I don't like about some of it is the one picture on the side of the page with the rest of the 12x12 filled with artsy stuff- if I'm going to take the time to scrapbook- I'm going to be documenting an event and using enough pics to remember the event! :) So, I adapt- but I like a lot of the looks they use! I've been trying to take one night a week for a while before bed to tag photos and do one digital page layout. Two weeks straight--- WOO HOO! :) Hope it lasts! My goal last year was to accumulate pages through the year then have them printed and have the book be a family Christmas present. Didn't happen. Maybe this year?!?! Happy Memory making... and as the Faith Sisters encourage- faith legacy documenting. (Please comment and share with me your fav. scrapbooking inspirations on the net!)
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Heidi Lew said...

Thank you for these resources. I have my digital scrapbooking software loaded. Now, I just have to make pages! I like your idea of one or two a week. I will start with that. Hopefully, I can keep up the momentum from completing my last 2 years of paper photo albums. I just placed the last one in a binder last night! yeah! It's the little things, right? :) h