It's 11 o'clock...

It's 11 pm. By my written goals, I want to be in bed right now. But, by my, "I've been Mommying sick kids all day and finally have some time to just chill out," I want to just waste time until... I'm done! :-)

Part of "Living the Inspired Life" for me is knowing what I WANT life to be and making plans to help it actually become that way. The problem is when everyday life, aka "reality", intersects the ideals in my mind, ya know?

So, I want to go to bed at 11am so I can easily rise at 5:45 or 6 to get started with day in quietness... not 7:30 or 8 after the kids have filled the house with much... joy :) .

Tell me- in what ways are your ideal and your reality at odds? And, how do you cope with it, take it in stride, incorporate it, or make the most of it?

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heidi lew said...

My ideal and my reality are at odds on a daily basis. Usually thought, if I see the weekly or monthly or even yearly perspective, my ideal and my realities generally match up (by God's grace!)

My biggest problem is managing my expectations. So, one of the ways I try to gracefully adjust to a "monkey wrench" in my plans is to tell myself the "monkey wrench" has some redeeming value...that God will work it out for His good purpose.

How does that look practically speaking? Well, I usually have a good cry, or drink a little more coffee, or call a friend, have a glass of red wine, or listen to worship music.

Then, I remind myslef that this is one day, one week or even one year in the whole scheme of my life. The Lord can redeem whatever time or opportunity has been lost.

He redeems time that was lost when we were wayward and rebelling against Him and later repent. So, I how much more would He be willing to redeem the time (seemingly) lost while we are honoring Him with our sacraficial lives of nurturing and raising children.

Perhaps my theology is incorrect (feel free to correct me, Kate!) But, that's just where I'm at and how I cope with those inevitable reality/ideal intersections. love, heid