Looking to the Holidays...

But first-a little business. If you missed out on the Snapfish photo gifts- you can still get them for 20% off. Better than full-price!

Barak Hussein Obama is America's President-Elect. I will join millions of Christians in praying for him and our country. He is our elected president- and that deserves respect, whether he was my pick or not. I received a great email today about this, and my husband has a blog series going on things to pray for him. The Presidential Prayer Team has a 77-day campaign going- praying for him in this time of transition. Check it out (thanks Marge!)!

Check out the new poll on the right and tell me what you'd do with an hour and a half to yourself. If your choice isn't listed, comment and I'll add it! :)

Also, I had a rough day today. No details... but, would you say a prayer for me? Thank you in advance! On to the real post topic... As for the holidays...

What are you doing NOW to start getting ready for the holidays, if anything?

Comment and let me know (so I can do it, too!)

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Heidi Lew said...

Well, I was inspired by your VistaPrint-get-your-card-done-early post! So, I've done that. Started drawing names for the family gift exchange. That's about it. Gotta' get a move on! Love the photo of that Thanksgiving table. :) Heidi