Time, time, time

Hello my friends! :) How are you this afternoon?
Grab a cup of tea or java or just a snack and let's chat! I am having a brain-freeze of an afternoon! I KNOW that SHOULD be doing one of about a million things... but I just can't seem to think of what they are (or don't want to?). So, at present, I'm chatting with you! :) What's on your heart lately? Is life getting hectic? How are you doing on your sense of calling? Living out your calling? Where are you at with the Lord? Having good quiet times? What is the Lord teaching you? Have you had ANY quietness with Him for your soul to find rest?

As I ask these questions, I sit in my warm, cozy, bed, at 330 in the afternoon. I'm not ill- in fact, went to the dentist a bit ago- got a good report. Perhaps it was the snow that graced our ground this morning... perhaps it's the hot drink I'd like to be sipping? I'm not sure why I'm just sitting here or what I should be doing, but Josiah and I have played Go Fish and Boggle, Jr (sort of- the game actually ended with him putting the blocks down the legs of his footy jammies turning himself into a human maraca!- yes, he's still in his jammies at 3:30- wish I was, too!) The girls are following the "hide out" principle- you know, if we're quiet and don't make any waves we'll get to keep playing! But, very soon, I'll remember all the things that are practically SCREAMING to be done- and the girls will get back to their unfinished schoolwork, and the boys will play playdoh and I'll go back to being a busy Mom. But, for this last moment, what is the Lord saying to us of His Kingdom? What of His great love? What of His desire to nurture us and have us nurture and give grace to each other???

Encourage someone this afternoon- your child, your spouse, neighbor, a friend on the phone- or all of the above- with God's great love!

Also, if you've got one more minute- I'd like to tell you about a mission we heard about yesterday at PATCH (homeschool co-op). They are the brother and sister-in-law of one of our Moms. I just cried as I watched Video 2008 (Link on the top left). Take a minute. It's worth the few minutes, really! His Mission, Agdao

Now, off to do some school and ... well... almost time to make dinner now. Any suggestions? :)
Love to you all...


Heidi Lou said...

How funny I almost called you at 4 p.m. my time. Having one of those days...although it started out great...just got tougher and tougher! Hmmm...for supper, I'd suggest grilled cheese and tomato soup (or some other soup if your fam doesn't like tomato). :) Life is crazy for more than a few reasons here, but Zach had one of his first "alone" playdates (no sisters, no mom) and it was great. Gotta' do that more often for him! The girls and I made cranberry muffins for our Thursday afternoon thing (mini muffins for the kids and big ones for the moms). Still working on erradicating the snot from my children. It's only November for crying outloud!! But we're praying and believing our family will be healthier. So, did Josiah stay in his PJs until bedtime? Whenever we do that here, the kids get all confused and laugh when I say "get ready for bed" ;) Hope you had a great night. hugs, heidi

Purple Empire said...

What is God telling me right now? I think He is reminding me that He has given me a top-notch, wonderful wife! I love you.