Using your time

Hello dear friends!
I'm thinking tonight about achieving goals and dreams. Some people really do the things they dream of, while others continue to dream. What separates them? Just the doing.

I was reading (upon recommendation from a fellow homeschooling mother) Susan Wise Bauer's blog. I must say, I was truly inspired. She is living out dreams. Now, it appears to be a LOT of work. And I'd like to know what time she goes to bed- but, it was impressive and inspiring.

On the topic of dreams- my friend Wendy (along with her hubby Paul) will be traveling to Ethiopia next week to pick up their son JT whom they are adopting! Follow their journey at

On a parallel note to achieving dreams, the topic of boundaries came up in Bible study today. I need to dig out Boundaries by John Townsend and Henry Cloud and reread it. Having clearly defined boundaries means more people win in my life more often. This sounds like a good idea! Here's a link to the book./

By the way- I link to all these books and stuff- I don't make any money off that- FYI- I just like recommending resources, plain and simple. However, if you KNOW of a way I can profit from these links... ah, just kidding! :)

How have you drawn boundaries in your life and how does it help you keep everything in place and create a more win-win environment for more people in your life?