Refreshing Perspective on the Proverbs 31 Woman

Good Evening- well, good morning, actually(12:18am EST)! I just read a wonderful devotion- a preview of a book I ordered. CBD (Christian Book Distributors) has this Fab Friday sale they do each week and this week "Speaking Mom-ese" by Lisa Welchel was featured. The first devotion is on the Proverbs 31 woman- pretty standard topic- didn't really pique my interest. (Why I kept reading, I don't know...) but her perspective- which came from a word from the Lord, was just awesome!!! Here's the link- read it- then buy the book this weekend while it's only $1.99! (I'm going to have to unsubscribe from the Fab Friday email- it's pretty dangerous!) Great gift for all the moms in your life, too, with Mother's day just around the corner.

See yourself as your Heavenly Father sees you through the work of Christ- perfect... He's a proud Father- and He's proud of you! Praise His Name!

Sweet Dreams,

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Heidi said...

I would love to read this book with you! Didn't get the notice on the discount until now...I'll have to see how much it is. I like Lisa W. Have you read MomTime? That's a great model for meeting and growing with other moms. talk with you soon! H