Staying Focused

My last post was about counting my blessings rather than getting bogged down in silly self-pity or wrong thinking. I'm feeling so much better, personally- and I wonder what YOU do to keep yourself focused on what you want to accomplish- personally, as a parent, whatever. How do you "live the inspired life" and KEEP ON living it?

This image is called "Finding Inspiration"- seemed appropriate :)


Applied Christianity said...

I try to stay in the Word and take time to think and meditate. I try to take an actually day of rest and give myself the OK to do nothing. I write down goals and ideas so that I can remind myself where I want to go. I also write down prayers.

Katherine said...

My husband and I used to talk about each having one day per quarter to do that... a personal retreat to just soak in the Lord and receive His guidance and direction. We're both in the Word daily, but there is something about consecrating some time to Him alone...
Thanks for sharing!

Heidi L said...

More often, I drag myself out of self-pity by reading books on Christians who have been persecuted, captured, martyred...or on Jews who have struggled through WWII, modern or other historical struggle. Or on men/women who have survived cancer, or a near-death trauma.

This is not a morbid obsession with turmoil, but a way to gain perspective on my daily in free, comfortable America. Sleepless nights, unending colds/flu, endless rainy/cold/snowy days, incessent whining, morning sickness, etc. pale in comparison when held up against matters of life and death.

Someday, I hope to have godly perspective on life and eternity without having to compare my situation to another one. For now, this strategy helps me to see my struggles as trival. And it urges me to pray for those who truly struggle to survive.