Tip: Listen while you read! :)

Just a quick note- I put in a bunch of my fav worship music. Unfortunately, it only plays a snipet. (When I figure out how to just have great background music all the time- I will!)- - - but for now, it's SOMETHING! :) Scroll down to the "Fav. Current Worship Music" and click the big arrow in the middle- then continue reading! Enjoy!

Also- have heard some questions about The Shack. I will be doing a written analysis for those who may have questions. It will be a story spoiler I'm sure- so- don't read it until you read the book! You are all totally capable of reading this book and making sound judgments- so don't be scared by others criticisms. Look at the underlying message of the reviewer. Look forward to sharing dialogue together about it!

Last- new slideshow with a few pics from our 10th Anniv trip to Daytona Beach. Ahh... the beach...
Much love ~katherine


Dawn said...

Hi sweetie,
It's good to read your posts again. It is so crazy that you have read that book "The Shack". You are the third person that recommended reading that book. I will be ordering it off Amazon after I'm done commenting here.
Great praise music! I just downloaded a bunch of new praise songs off of They are sure uplifting and some really get me thinking.
Your pictures from your trip to FL are fantastic. It looks like you had a great time and got to relax a bunch. How did the kids do with your Mom?
Have a terrific weekend and give everyone hugs from us. Love you bunches. Dawn

eric said...

Kate, as far as having music playing online, not sure what the legalities of it might be. A colleague pointed me to Pandora, where you can type in the name of a song or artist, and the service will play songs by that artist and similar artists in a random fashion, and you can give a thumbs up (keep) or down (never play again) as it goes - it's like you are the DJ of your online radio station - and it's free! You can start different "radio stations" by typing in a different artist's name - have as many as you want. Check it out sometime.