"I Don't Know Why"

Star of the week is... (drumroll please...) ANYA! :)

Well, Ani says to me this morning- "Mom! I wrote a new song, wanna hear it?" OF COURSE I do! :) and after one hearing I grabbed the camera and made her do it again. So... here it is! (Hope is playing tamborine with me in worship tomorrow- and singing a one line solo tag at the end of a song- so, Anya isn't really the only star of the family! Didn't want anyone to think I'm playing favorites!)

And... they were all playing "church" this afternoon- communion and all- and though fed his lines by Hope, Josiah was the presiding pastor. They made Ryan and I come sit on the "pews", sing, pray, listen to a sermon, and take communion! The candles were "lighted" and "unlighted" at the appropriate times signaling the beginning and end of the service as well! Too Cute! Have a relaxing and worshipful Sabbath tomorrow- Katherine


Anonymous said...

So sweet!! What a wonderful little song and voice! Katherine, you should be so proud of those beautiful kids! I love the pics of all of them. They are getting so big--especially Hope! Did you guys get a kitten? Ryan's hair looks frosted--Josh was teasing that he's getting a little too comfortable in New York! Hope all is well with you--love and miss you!

Shanna said...

Just making sure I'm actually a member finally--no more anonymous!

Dawn said...

That is a darling video and I love the new pictures you posted. You are one busy Mom. I bet you are running around like crazy between the kid's activities and your church activities. I finally read "The Shack". I haven't cried that much in years. I am glad that you recommended it though. How has your fall weather been? I hope it's been as nice as it has been here in Wisconsin. God has blessed us with some beautiful days. Take care and have a wonderful Tuesday. Hugs and kisses to everyone, Love, Dawn

Wendy said...

Wow!!! What a gift! The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? When are you going to post a video of yourself singing one of your new creations?

Heidi Lew said...

This is amazing! Wow. What a gifted child! And you two must be doing your job to encourage and grow her gifts and faith! Way to go Kate and Ry! :) hugs, Heidi