I've Wanted to Post for about a month now...

Hello friends!
It's day 2 of the new school year... and I'm finally posting! I have 3 posts I'd like to do, but I'll just roll them into one here. First, get the book The Shack! I read it in Florida and it was really life-changing. My husband and dear friend are both reading it now. I'd love to have more of you to dialogue about it with!

2nd- You must watch Steven Curtis Chapman and his family talk about the loss of their daughter Maria Sue. It moved us for 2 days.

After that, follow this link to get to parts 2 through 6. After watching each part, look to the right under "Related Videos" for the link to the next part. It is SO worth your time!!!

We had a WONDERFUL trip to FL last month to celebrate our 10th anniversary! I HIGHLY recommend it. How good for the soul to spend a few days by the pool or beach listening to laughter, waves, and wonderful praise music on the mp3, reading and journaling, and letting the soul just be. And reconnecting with one's spouse- is priceless. As my husband says, "The grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is greener where you WATER IT!"- don't forget to water your marriage- somehow!!!

I've updated the books I'm reading--- and MAN! Are they good! I've finished most of them now, and am in "Coaching Your Kids...". It's fabulous! We must be discipling our children--- it is the highest calling of EVERY parent!

Last, how are you coming with clarifying your calling? Are you working to make your calendar reflect your calling and your goals? Are you working to put your time where your heart is? I hope so! It's a process... I know! Well, we've finished 2 days of homeschool- and so far so good! It's going well, but I need to use the timer to keep to the time I've allotted. We went a little long today. I pray that wherever you are- and wherever your kids are- you're having a good week getting back to learning- what a privilege it is! I love you all! ~Katherine


Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine!! I was thrilled to see you write about the Shack as I bought it but was wondering what you thought about it. I have to finish the Strong-Willed Child first as I am having struggles with Kendra in that area....but then I will finally get to read it!! I also watched the Chapman family on Larry King and was (and still is) repeatedly moved to tears. Good to hear about your start to a new year. Kayla started Kindegarden and loves it. Kendra had her first day in preschool today and really enjoyed it too. I still can't believe we are into the schoolyear already!! And that it's been a year since we were out there. Time flies! May God continue to bless your days ahead homeschooling those precious children. Love you! Shanna

Heidi said...

Thank you for the link the Chapman story. I was also so moved to tears. Wow. I cannot imagine walking through their pain. What a perspective they have through faith. Love, Heidi