Inspired by the Ease of Amazon Prime

So... one day after hauling 4 kids around Walmart, an aching back from pushing the three hundred pound cart (there were tons of groceries, but 3 kids in or on the cart and a 4th in a front pack- maybe it just fELt like 300...) and then heaving the bags one by one into the van. I had seen a banner on about groceries. I decided I must look into this alternate way of shopping! Now, after almost a year of using Amazon Prime- I wanted to tell you about it and how it has helped me. First, you may want to know- what is Amazon Prime? It is basically a shipping membership. You pay a standard yearly fee for unlimited 2-day shipping. Specifically the benefits are:
1. Unlimited FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items
2. Overnight Shipping upgrades for only $3.99 per item
3. Shopping with no minimum order size
4. Ability to share benefits with up to 4 household members
5. 1 Month Free Trial

I don't know if you shop on much- I did and still do. I find it very convenient for... just about everything. Started with books, and used books, then electronics, all gifts- kids and adults, and now I even buy groceries. With Amazon Prime- all your shipping is 2 day- so if I order it this morning, it will be here on Monday morning. And, only once in the entire year has something been a day late! And, if I need something tomorrow- I can pay $3 or 4 and have it here the next day. I used to spend the $25 to get free shipping- but honestly, I spent a lot more money that way than I have with having Amazon Prime- now I don't buy things I don't really need just to make the $25 mark- I buy only what I need, when I need it and I don't worry about the shipping. Now, if Walmart is easy and convenient and you don't mind running over there every time you need something (as it used to be for me)- this may hold no benefit for you. But, if it is not close or convenient as it isn't for me and you do a lot of online shopping- I encourage you to look into it!
It has brought a great ease to my life and has been a huge help! So, I began getting things like a case of GF macaroni and a case of Juicy Juice (100% jice and no sugar added!) concentrate. Now I get diapers dropped off once a month, a case of TP once every 6 months, using their subscription service. These bigger items I don't even have to mess with at the store. Now, I just shop locally for meat and produce and other smaller things. But, I use it for much more than groceries...purchasing gifts, diapers, Bible study books for the group, all delivered day after tomorrow with no more shipping than my yearly fee. So, I shared Mvelopes with you- now, my experience with Amazon Prime. If it would save you time and money- check into it here.

If not- ignore, or tell someone with 4 kids who doesn't like to shop! :)
Love you all!


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