What's for dinner?!?! Back to the routines...

Hi there friends! I pray you are having a Happy New Year!!! I'm trying to get things "reset" and back to square one and prepare for another semester. Part of that for me means a menu- what are we going to eat?!?! In my quest for new and fresh ideas- I thought I'd share a few thing I found. First, Family Fun magazine's website has a "Month of Meals". I have added lots of them to our menu. I also found some great ideas at All I went to the budget-friendly page- and found slow cooker, meals under $10, etc. and added several of those as well.

I find that if I know what I'm making for dinner and try to have it on the table at a reasonable time0 the rest of my life goes pretty well! Kids can get to bed on-time, I can get some things done in the evening, get myself to bed on-time, get up when I plan to- to have my quiet time and start the day showered and dressed as the kids get up and ready for the day. So- hence the menu- meal time is important!!!

Hope these sites are helpful to you as they have been to me!
Blessed 2009!!!

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