Hi all!!!

Well, it's been a difficult couple of weeks around here- but we're praising the Lord we made it through- and hope that we've learned a few things in the meantime. Anya had a successful umbilical hernia repair surgery last Wed and got her stitches out this Wednesday! (She's very modest- so no before/after photos.) Ryan has been dealing with an intestinal problem- initially diagnosed as a partial bowel obstruction- which meant over 3 weeks of discomfort, concern, etc. that ended with a colonoscopy Thursday morning. He got a good bill of health and will just follow up with the dr. in a few weeks to talk about what DID happen and how to keep it from happening again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who stood with us in prayer these last few weeks! We know he has done miracles in his body- and unobservable/quantifiable miracles in our lives! But we know that as we put that behind us, we have been changed- and can once again testify that he truly does "work all things together for good for those who love Him..." (Rom 8:28)

Earlier this week, our good friend, Bruce Van Natta, was on "It's Supernatural!" hosted by Sid Roth. Watch it online here. We heard today that his book Saved by Angels is doing very, very well in major book distributors and will be getting a lot more publicity in the days to come. If you don't have the book- GET IT! You'll soon be sharing it with your circle!

Praying you've all had a quiet January- one less eventful than we have!


Dawn said...

I had no idea that you guys were going through so much stuff. We will be praying for complete healing for Anya and Ryan and for answers as to what is going on with Ryan. Please keep me posted so we can pray specifically for your needs.
Bruce did a great job on the Sid Roth show. The Holy Spirit was speaking through Him. Praise God for all of the lives this will touch.
We love you guys and miss you very much. Give hugs and kisses to everyone from us.

Love, The Wolf Family

Susieqtpie said...

Hiya Lady!
I thought you all seemed quiet! You are all in my prayers!!! Love, Susan

Kerith Collins said...

oh my gosh...what in the heck is a umbilical hernia anyway?!