Did you decide what you don't want to miss?

Did you read all the way to the bottom of the Dec 8th post? (Probably not.) Let me just recap something that I'm finding really important. Think ahead to January 5th or so. Kids are trudging back to school-everyone's getting back into the normal routine- what do you wish you'd done. What gives you that unsatisfied feeling? "It went by so fast we didn't even get to ________!" Fill in the blank... I'm trying to change my to do list to not only reflect "have to's"- which will always be with us- but to put on my to-do list some things that are TRUE PRIORITIES for me and my family!

Of course these things will be different for all of us. Some of mine were making a gingerbread house with the kids- and I wanted to read Little Women to the girls and end the season watching the movie together. These things probably wouldn't be in your top 1 million- but I know you have things, too! So, why not take a moment to decide now what is truly important to you, and decide to get it done first. You can bank on not having time "left" to do these "too-important-to-miss" things!
Now- get off the computer- and GO MAKE SOME MEMORIES!!! :-) unless of course it's midnight and hubby or the kids are asleep- but put it TOP of tomorrow's list at least.
love to you all...

PS- In response to SusieQTpie's comment- NO :) This is NOT the gingerbread house we made LOL! Just a good representative "gingerbread house" I found! Ours was an "out of the box" kit! (I'm just cracking up here-) And- Ryan & I were just talking of posting a pic of a gingerbread house that Hope brought home from a church activity tonight made out of small graham crackers- it's half eaten and roof fell off! That would be good humor!


Purple Empire said...

Tremendous thoughts, hon. Great post. You inspire me. I love you.

Susieqtpie said...

Dang u r bossy! haha! Don't you dare tell me that you made that gingerbread house pictured? We do enjoy making them. I find that we aren't so rushed to get things crammed in anymore because of homeschooling. Did you say you wanted to make FUDGE? Go to my blog and nab the recipe! Quick, easy and YUMMY for gifts!
hugs, susan
ps... ordered our Christmas postcards today! Thanks for the idea! They will be in just in time for me to mail off after Christmas-my tradion that i'm going to stick with!