Back to Homeschool Tips

As we started back to homeschool this morning, earlier than most in our area, I thought I might share a few tips for a smooth transition. I hope you find them helpful- and I hope to keep them at the forefront of MY mind by writing them down!

  1. Start with prayer : ) beforehand and with them.
  2. Keep lessons SHORT. It will take to build up the attention span and learning stamina again.
  3. Stop while they're still having FUN! If you do it until they're tired and bored, it won't be as appealing tomorrow.
  4. LOTS OF PRAISE! Focus on the positives as you get back. Make necessary corrections, but keep it light.
  5. Use incentives if you think they might be necessary. We have for a few years had a "cheerful change" jar at the beginning of school. They start out with one or two of each coin. Complaining or whining brings the largest valued coins out of the jar and back to mom first. What's left when work is completed is theirs to keep. You probably know what will motivate your reluctant pupil!!!
  6. In a multi-age setting, have older children help younger children on a simple task or two for 15-20 min. Joshua had help with letters and sounds from Anya. Josiah had help with penmanship and health from Hope. They all seemed to enjoy that time together! (Again, keep it short and stop while it's still fun!)
  7. Don't forget to take a picture.

Enjoy your year- and remember- what is not learned today can be learned tomorrow…you are building a solid foundation through which all learning and Truth can be built.

God bless your teaching and their learning~


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