American Girl Doll Bed/Trunk Combo Recommendation

I wanted to pass on this bed/trunk combo for American Girl Dolls that I found last year. I ordered one for Hope's birthday last year. I paid for the trunk, Grandma bought the bed, and Oma bought bedding--- altogether- very affordable and a very nice keepsake. I started looking for this because Kirsten was being retired last year, and I had always thought I would buy the trunk to keep the dolls in until they had daughters. With it being discontinued, I thought I'd better get on that. However, if you've looked into them, they're VERY expensive- and- by October- they were sold out. So, I went looking online and found this one for a quarter of the price! We got it and LOVE it. The bed actually fits inside the trunk- and the doll can lay on the bed and clothes can be stored underneath the bed. The man who makes them was quite willing to work with me on customizing it, too- which I appreciated.

Without further ado...the link to the Bed/Trunk Combo. : )

Also, if you have these dolls, may I also recommend the Beautiful Girlhood Collection at Vision Forum? Particularly the historic dresses and books. To get all 4 books and dresses is about $100 but they can be purchased individually. We have really enjoyed the books. I can't recommend all the clothes- we were very disappointed with the Medieval Princess Doll Dress--- the Velcro destroyed the dress the first time we put it on the doll- and it didn't fit very well. That said- the historic dresses were much better. Books were GREAT! : )

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River Glorious said...

The vision forum link to buy the dolls and books directs you to a computer game site or something like that. Seems the original site shut down.