Gluten Free Living- even with Kids!

This post probably doesn't apply to you. BUT, perhaps you know someone who is newly diagnosed with celiac or some form of wheat/gluten allergy. Perhaps you can point them to this blog and it will be helpful to them! I was typing all this for a college student at Trinity, newly diagnosed with a wheat allergy AND all processed corn- ie High Fructose Corn Syrup and Cornstarch. Ouch! Plenty out there to eat... and most of it healthier than what we'd normally choose... So, here are some GF eating ideas.

Egg Sandwiches on GF bread (I buy Kinnickinnick Tapioca frozen, several loafs at a time) with a slice of cheese
Oatmeal with brown sugar, and… bananas or walnuts or strawberries or or or ...
Hard boiled egg
GF Waffles (Van’s brand, or made at home w/ Bob’s Red Mill Pancake mix) and sausage
Omlets with ham, cheese, and veggies

Trail mix of various kinds (check ingredients or make your own)
Fruit leathers (Fruitabu or others)
Fruit snacks
FRESH fruit (even better)
Cut Veggies and dip (check the dips… but ranch or other dressings work, too)
Chips and Salsa (I’m thinking a good, organic corn chip with just stone ground corn - but there are lots of other “veggie” chips at the health food store- they’re very good- and of course your basic Lays Potato Chips are GF)
Lara Bars or other all natural snack bars (buy these in bulk by the box rather than individually if you like them- much cheaper)
Did I mention fruit? :)

Big salads with lots of toppings (meats, cheeses, veggies, beans, boiled eggs, sunflower seeds, etc)
Sandwiches on GF Bread
Frozen Taquitos dipped in salsa, sour cream, ranch, or guacamole (these are in a corn tortilla- I buy them at Walmart- check the label, of course)
Rice noodle Ramen (Thai)
man Progresso Soups
Amy’s soups (Like Tomato Bisque with a grilled cheese on GF bread- Mmmm!)
GF pizza (and- incidentally, when I didn’t have a pckg of Kinnickinnick froz. pizza crusts- I’ve used GF bread mix and made a pizza dough from that- worked out pretty well!)
Cottage Cheese (high in protein) and fruit or Roma tomatoes sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper... mmm!!!!

GF Spaghetti and Meatballs (most meatballs are made w/ bread crumbs, but Aldi has a turkey meatball that does not- I buy a few bags and toss in the freezer)
Enchiladas made w/ corn tortillas
Beef Stroganoff (GF noodles, browned beef, beef broth, sour cream, and onion soup mix- there is a GF brand- can’t remember- Aldi, Walmart? Sorry-)
Indian cuisine
Lots of Mexican cuisine- particularly if you can do the corn tortillas or corn chips---
Lots of Asian cuisine
Stir Fry Veg over rice
Meatball sandwich with some leftover spagh sauce
Fish and veggies
Stuffed baked potatos
Bean salads
Cole slaws (use food processor and add sweet pot, beet, brocc, caul, and other veggies- add org. raisins and thousand island dressing- it's OUT of this world!!!)
Veggies of every shape and description
The list is long… I’ll let you check out the menus…

GF premades like brownies, cakes, cookies
PB cookies- there are recipes that use no flour
Fruit with whipped topping and a touch of cinnamon sprinkled over top
Yogurt with half a banana and some walnuts
Pure ice cream (try Breyers?)
Murder by chocolate--- basically dark choc and butter--- it’s SOOOO good!

Also, if you check out vegetarian and vegan food- much of it will work for you. They use lots less breads and processed foods. Here are a few other links...
(I’d think you’d want to find some things you really like and then look for them here on Amazon to buy in bulk. Nature’s Panty (or other natural food store) will also order cases for you with a discount. Just ask at the register.) If you are blessed to live near a Whole Foods Market- you are SET!

Though you'll have to change your lifestyle, your options are still limitless!!! GREAT FOOD awaits you... Healthier food...

Interested in seasonal GF dinner menus? Email me, I'll send 'em to you.

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