New Blogs on the Blogroll!

Have you checked out the blogroll lately? I've added two new blogs--- my husband's ( and our good friend's ( Notice the common theme there of purple- both die-hard vikings fans :). The blogroll on the right side will show the most recent posts on the blogrolls.

We just survived VBS... and are recovering today. More consistent blogging in the near future! Praying you're all well... I have some new books to add the list, too...
Have a great one!

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Heidi said...

Hey Kate!
Glad to hear you survived VBS. We just returned from almost another week of travel. Went to MPLS for the weekend and repacked Sunday night and went to Rapids Monday a.m. It's been great fun!

Your trip to Conn. looks like SO MUCH FUN! What great memories! And what a BEAUTIFUL family. :) Can you believe this is your life?! How cool.

We are home for another week...then up to a cabin for almost 3 days...then home until...we see you!! I'm getting more and more excited!

I thought of you so much this last week in Rapids. We spent the afternoon at the beach with Wendy and the four kids. Experienced quite the severe weather adventure (my adreneline was racing so fast, I felt like I'd just gone running for 30 min.!) I'll have to tell you more about it when we talk next.

so much more to say, but I'd better go! we'll catch up soon...
love to you,