More on the Revival in Lakeland

Well, my husband, our evangelist, and good friend from WI are all heading to the revival on Wednesday. A little girl from our church is being taken by her parents on Friday. She has a rare and incurable condition where her lymph nodes do not drain. They form cysts under her chin, in her mouth, and her neck. She has to continue having surgeries to have them removed, but they continue to come back. Her name is Mary Elizabeth. Please pray for her and her parents as they go down, believing God CAN heal her of this!!! Also, my friend Kristen whom I wrote about earlier is also going this coming weekend... SO, Lord, we are expecting big things out of our HUGE GOD for whom NOTHING is impossible!!! Check it out at or .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine, So glad that my husband is in Florida with yours. I pray that the three of them feel the presence of the Lord in mighty ways. I've been watching the revival for the last 2 1/2 hours hoping to see them. But what amazing words coming from God through God. I pray our guys our getting spiritually filled up and over flowing. God be with you. Love, Lori