Religion of evolution

Hey out there! :) I was teaching sr. high Bible class this morning and last week... and the topic of evolution usually comes up (it could be me!). It is very hard for a teen with limited exposure to creation science to confront their science teacher teaching the THEORY of evolution as a law. I encourage them to stick to 3 main points.
1- Irreducible parts. There are many things that could not have 'arisen' over time from nothingness, because if you take away any of their parts, they would cease to function and therefore could not possibly have evolved. For example- the human eye, blood, or the flagellar motor (I watched a great DVD about that!)!
2-Information. Chaos does not give way to information. DNA for example contains billions of pieces of information. For that information to mean anything there has to be a language, per se, or a code, making the information meaningful and useful. To believe that the "gases floating in space, after a big bang, organized themselves into a cell"... is a bigger stretch to me than that it had a designer!
3- Order. Everything in the universe is ordered. Things in chaos self-destruct. Things that live by an order are able to fulfill a purpose. Consider the order in the solar system, the tides of ocean, the seasons, our bodies... I could go on and on and on!

Evolution cannot address these 3 points. They cannot explain them away. Nor do they have any example of MACRO evolution anywhere! Micro evolution is different- but, we all believe in subtle adaptations within a species- but not that one species evolved into another.

The worst lie of evolution that I believe has most deeply affected our young people is that they are just an accident- a chemical blip- no specific purpose for their lives... so sad and so UNTRUE!
If you want to be able to speak intelligently to those who oppose creation and have bought the lies of evolution- check out the resources at or or

You were made with a purpse! Live the INSPIRED life God has planned specifically for YOU! He had it in mind when He purposefully made you!


Applied Christianity said...

My husband's creation science small group (at church) is giving a presentation to the youth group in a couple of weeks. I am sending a link to this post to them. Thanks.

Katherine said...

You're welcome! Glad it will be helpful to someone :)

Amy said...

What a great blog, Katherine! It really is inspiring. :) And how cool that you are homeschooling!