New Season of Life...

Well, my baby turned 1 today. So, no more baby babies now. I'm feeling sentimental tonight. If you're a friend on facebook, you can watch the video production of his first bday.

So, I'm entering a new season- I'm able to get rid of ALL my baby stuff- including the infant seat as he moved up into a forward facing seat today. He doesn't want to be in a play pen now that he's walking. It's schooldays ahead... (sigh).

That's all... (sigh).

Have a good night! No new resources today. Well, I guess I should just say that making a little movie with Windows Movie Maker (which came with Vista) was really pretty simple. So, there you go- one new resource to try out!


Sara said...

HUGS...I'm right behind you and it's so bittersweet. hugs hugs and more hugs to you :o) You're braver than I am...I'm not reading for the forward facing seat this time and thankfully no walking here yet...I'm hanging on to these last few baby baby days that I've got...happy birthday little one and may you have a blessed second year!

Heidi said...

I am sorry I missed Joshua's birthday. It would help if I remembered that type of stuff!! I'm just not good at it. Izzie is turning 1 this weekend. Can't believe it. In some respects, I'm sad to see the baby stage go, but unlike you, I'm looking at my maternity bin of clothes wondering when I'll wear them again. :) love you! h