Happy New Year!

Well, Happy New Year!

Wanted to share the themes that came out during our New Year's Eve Service this year. 1st was a purging of junk and sin from our lives- most notably media. 2nd Growth- numeric and SPIRITUAL. Both are challenging and exciting!

Personally, I was going to try to be singularly focused- actually- dually focused- on the Believing God Bible study- and on "Getting to Know God"- the book I'm writing this year. However, it's proving to be difficult! Life is just so full! So, I guess I'll just have to try to do the best I can with it all!

What are you thinking about this New Year's? Any insightful reflections on the past year? Any rsolutions for '08? Post them and let me know!


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Heidi said...

I give you so much credit for setting out to write your book and do the "Believing God" bible study. I have a feeling those two things will be more related than you could ever imagine! It's an amazing study as you know...perhaps completing the book is "your Jordon". (I knew of a lady who completed her first CD after doing that study. It's awesome!)

Anyway, "purge and grow"...what am I going to do? Practically, I want to purge all the sin of overabundance out of our basement! And then, I want to reorganize all the stuff we are going to shelves, buy new plastic storage containers, label it all and sit back with a sense of accomplishment (albeit superficial) that I've finally "got it all together".

I guess it's kind of an analogy for what I hope to do in my spiritual/emotional life. Throw out all the trash and reorganize my mind and spirit to hold this year's lessons and truths of the Lord.

I'll have to think and pray more about what to keep stored up in my heart and what to purge... That's the hard part. For sure, I want to have shelves of scripture, transparent bins of virtue and labels that can be read by believers and non-believers alike.

Thanks, friend, for sharing your thoughts on the New Year and for getting me thinking about living an inspired life!