Snow = Complain?

Well, the snow has been falling fast and furious for over a month now. I've been noticing that the complaints seem to whiz out almost as fast (though it didn't start that way)!

Wednesdays have been snow days for 4 out of the last 5 weeks here, incredibly. The great thing or tough thing, depending on your perspective, about homeschooling is that snow days and cancelled school don't have to cancel homeschool. I think this is great because we don't get way behind. Kids say, "Aw mom, can't we just have a snow day?!?!" And, of course we do. But, we get a little done those days, too.

So, when the snow starts to fall and the complaints start to fly, what can we do to curtail our whining? Is there something to be thankful for? Something that can now get accomplished --- even if it's snuggling in to watch a movie or a larger chunk of time to finish a project? Maybe there's a craft or game the kids have been begging to play- but the daunting setup has kept you saying, "Not now" (for me that's the yard sale $1 pottery wheel--- why did I say "yes" then?!?!)? Are your kids healthy- there's something to be grateful for? If they're not- we can be grateful that we're not missing anything by staying home.

All in all- I'm finding that if I'm relatively cheerful, the kids will be. If I let their complaining get to me and join in--- well--- it's all downhill from there. As we say in Texas (and you probably have a version, too!), "If mama ain't happy, ain't NObody happy!!!"

So, common, let's get happy!
Trying in NY,

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