Leave a Legacy

Hi friends- I haven't posted for a while- I guess I'm as busy as you all are :D However, I have to share my latest inspiration. Pastor Ray spoke on "Finishing Well" on Sunday morning. I brought a couple kids home during Sunday School who weren't feeling quite up to snuff (cold). I thought- I'll just spend some time worshiping (we just got my piano from TX- so it's a special joy right now!). And, this song poured forth. (Here's a link if you can't see a video player above- I've been very blessed by the experience of penning it- and I pray that you are somehow blessed by it, as well. And, please, check out and support the ministry of Inheritance of Hope! God bless you as you "live the inspired life" and work to leave a legacy of faith for your family.


Heidi L said...

Wow! What a beautiful song...truly, God has gifted you!! Thank you for video taping it and posting it. It's so great to see your face and hear your voice. It's ALMOST like being in your living room :) Love the new piano! Again, wow. And I love your short hair. When did you cut it?

Checked out the IOH web site. Amazing story. What a great perspective on life and struggle in life. I can't even imagine walking that road. I had been praying for her off and on as you you had mentioned her during the last couple of years. It's so good to know she is surviving, speaking and writing! Praise God!

Talk with you soon, love, heidi

Heather said...

Such a beautiful song! It really blessed me! You look gorgeous...can't wait to see you. xoxoxo