Life Takes Time

I am recognizing, that doing things in life well, doing them right, takes soooo much more time than I ever have realized or allowed. So much more time than I give myself permission to take. I'm talking parenting, spiritual life, marriage, keeping house, etc. With that realization, comes rushing in the thought that if I want to give myself permission to do my callings in this season of my life, I will have to clear out a LOT more space in the calendar so I can fill it up doing what I'm supposed to be doing WELL. Which takes a lot more time than I realized. If I want to do it right.

I guess life will have to go on, if I don't ___________________. I guess somehow they'll manage if I don't _______________. (Could you fill in these blanks?) Yes, it's a good idea. Yes, it's a good thing. Yes, it could be done. And, yes, it would be SO COOL if it were done. And, perhaps it would be really appreciated by the recipients. (Perhaps not?) But, could life continue to function if it was not done? If it wasn't done that way? Wasn't done that well? Probably. I may have to learn to smile and nod and put a cork in it everytime I have a GREAT idea... Those ideas have been getting me INTO trouble- and out of doing WELL a lot of things that really DO need doing. I digress.

Can anyone relate to what I'm saying or have I exited the highway here?


Peggy said...

Yes I can relate! The key is to find a balance between those things that need to be done "right" and "good enough." No matter what we are teaching our children. If we obsess about every job being done perfectly (often according to our own expectations)then our children see that and may take second place but they learn to keep an immaculate home! If we only do the bare minimum for everything, our children will also learn from that and hopefully we have spent hours with the kids. But do we want them to learn that good enough is.....good enough?
There is no right answer...only that we don't want to go too far one way or the other.
Life is a balancing act. Everything in moderation.
Pick your battles, carefully.
When we have kids watching our every move...ask yourself what do I want them to see and learn?
I'm sure I should have made other choices these past 18 years....but they weren't all bad....

Anonymous said...

You have said what I have been feeling for a long time! Sitting on the potty the other day I said, God, things take so much longer than I'm giving them time. I'm caught in that race of trying to do too much (for who?) and feeling driven to do more or "experience"more than I can fit in. Saying No is key and hard though. Just cleaning, schooling, cooking and spending time with the Lord, shopping and running kids to activities takes my whole life. yet I want to meet with girlfriends, go out with my hubbie alone, and exercise more, etc. and I'm not getting to those things that I think would refresh me to do the mundane things God calls and needs me to do. Lord, may you help me balance it all, rest in you, remember there's a season for everything and that I don't have to do everything and I can say no. But, my time is his and if I keep surrendering, praying for what I want and need, he'll find a way to get it to me, if I serve him first, make him my first priority and follow my shepherd's little voice that say, "cherish this time with your kids, love and bless the heck out of your husband who is a gift from God, and love others around you as the time permits and I'll take care of you. He showed me the other day all I have to really do is love those I come in contact with ona daily basis. Be kind, smile, ooze love and caring. At my daughter's ballet studio, I'm finding a whole new group of people to smile at, show love and concern for. It's so much easier when I'm doing it for teh Lord, and these people are becoming so precious to me, even though I barely know them, because Jesus is loving their souls through me. Wow! What a miracle!
Ok, thanks for letting me opine.