Inspired by the cross from life to eternal life...

A fellow college chorus member and conducting class pal, Lori Marsh, passed this past week from life to eternal life. Her husband has written a beautiful tribute to her here.

As I read her memorial tribute, I was inspired by her living her time to the full and savoring the small things of life.

What is it that keeps me, what is it that keeps you from enjoying the small things of life- from celebrating EVERYTHING? Well, as I pray for Al, Lily, and Ellie to be comforted by the Lord and to be given a hope and a future in the days, months, and years to come, I will be reminding myself to live. I bought a little plaque while we were on vacation that is now posted in our room.

"Enjoy Life. This is not a rehearsal."

Let's enjoy life. This is the real deal!
My baby calls... off to enjoy the inspired life,

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Katherine, for sharing this beautiful memory with us. It really causes me to pause and realize to treasure each day as a gift from God.

You and Ryan are also gifts to our body here at Trinity. I love both of you very much.

Verne Thorpe